11 Million a minute.

That’s the cost of running an ad during this year’s Super Bowl.

That’s a lot of money.

Nothing wrong with a enjoying the Super Bowl.  But what if , as we enjoy, we also help meet the needs of others… right in our community?! is exactly that!  Enjoying the Big Game AND helping others in need at the same time!

Here’s the challenge:

Simply buy a box or can of soup or box of mac and cheese (new for 2021) , and tape a toonie on to it.  Then arrange for it to be dropped off or picked up on or before SOUPER BOWL Sunday.

Souper-Bowl Sunday is Sunday February 7, 2021 noon.

Invite your family, neighbours, workplace, and school to get involved!

Given what will be spent, it’s a little amount– but will make a big difference to those in need in our community!!

You’ll have a party and help others out!

Game on!