10 Million a minute.

That’s the cost of an ad during this years Super Bowl.

Hosting a party for the Big Game?  Figure on at least $70 for food and beverages.

That’s a lot of money and food.

Nothing wrong with a party.  But what if that party could also help meet the needs of others… right in our community?!

Souper-Bowl.ca is exactly that!  Enjoying the Big Game AND helping others in need at the same time!
Here’s the challenge:  Simply buy a box or can of soup (or more!), and tape a toonie on to it.  Then bring it to Pleasant Valley Church on SOUPER BOWL Sunday (or have your party host bring it sometime after the Game.

Given what will be spent, it’s a little amount– but will make a big difference!

You’ll have a party and help others out!

Game on!

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